Jio to provide 4G Handsets to the low spending consumers in India

Ril Jio to provide Jio 4G Device Handsets to the low spending consumers in India....
Reliance Jio as we all know is ready to launch 4G services across India with many attractive plans and offers. Even though it is very good and attractive many of the consumers feel that it is not going to help them very much. This is just because they don’t have the 4G compatible smartphones.

The company also aware of this problem and even chalked out a best plan to see off this hurdles in this low spending Indian market.Only few Indians currently have 4G smartphones with them which is very low and is a little discouraging to the company.

All the voice calls of Jio will be in VoLTE form so there is a huge need to have a mobile with 4G technology in it. Many 4G smartphones are too much priced and very few are at low price. Jio is collaborating with the companies who wish to provide the devices at affordable costs.

Coming to VoLTE, it is nothing but a advanced version of the VoIP services which are already being provided by the applications like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp etc.To simplify it is nothing but calling via internet.

Many advanced countries have been using VoLTE for some time and few like China are yet to start using these kind of services. Some reports stated that, "Reliance Jio will launch its own VoLTE-enabled 4G handset branded 'LYF' besides multiple distribution deals. 4G handsets are currently at 10 million (mostly not VoLTE-enabled) but in the past nine months, 4G shipments have jumped from 1 million to 5.5 million, implying one of every four smartphone shipped is 4G."

So Jio will sell the 4G devices manufactured by LYF at very low prices so that they are affordable to all sections of the society. Most of the 4G handsets are above the Rs.7k price only so the reliance will try to launch the mobiles at as low as Rs.3k.
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