Jio 4G starter kits release | Reveals Tariff and Data Packs

Jio 4G SIM starter kits has been out at the outlets finally. Which reveals some interesting tariff rates and data packs proposed for 4G subscribers of Jio. According to the starter kits the basic tariff plans includes any local or STD call at 2 paise per second only, Rs.1/- per SMS and Rs.5/- for international text message while data packs pricing includes 0.5 paise per 10KB data and 5 paise per sec for video calls.

The Jio company from the 1st day of its planning to launch a mobile network its single aim is to provide the services at affordable and accessible to all parts of the country. As of now the plans and tariffs known from the starter kits are very much low than the other networks in the market at present.

Recently Jio also updated its mobile wallet, Jio Money which now allows to recharge mobile numbers. Some other details include the Jio Mi-Fi devices are bundled with 40GB data for 90 days and 200GB pack is also available for network test which may only be initially available for internal users that is the preview customers like the Jio employees.

The data plans are very crucial these days and they if given at cheaper rates will definitely draw a huge customer base to the new Reliance Jio. At any time in the coming days the new Reliance Jio is expected to be launched and the much awaited high-speed data services will also be revealed and definitely this will be the game changer in the mobile network industry of India.

Jio in its starter packs is offering two friends and family packs, F&F Basic and Gold, for Rs.37/- and Rs.38/-, respectively. We already know that the Reliance Jio had already rolled out services for its 120,000 employees and partners late this December.
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