Reliance Jio DataGiri is making the Mobile industry rock n roll

Mukesh Ambani Ril Jio Datagiri launched and it offering cheapest telecom offers from 5th September free unlimited data until 31st December......
The reliance jio has come up with some amazing offers like lifetime free calling to any mobiles and a very low cost Data packs. The company already announced the 4G services free for more than 3 months from 5th September to 31st December 2016.

Jio services will work on all the 4G enabled handsets soon and the commercial services will be set to roll on from 1st January 2017. Jio is providing 4G data for as low as 5 paise per MB and Rs.50 per GB data.Currently the major networks in the market is charging around Rs.250 per GB of Data. Which is far more when compared to what Jio is about to charge. Jio also said that it will create around 10 Lakh wifi hotspots around the country to provide data services to its customers at any place. We expect Jio Unlimited Voice Calls, SMS, Internet extended upto 2017 March.

Data Charges compared with Other countries:
When we take the data charges of various countries we can know what Reliance Jio is actually offering us. The data charges in Japan is $30 per GB, in Korea it is $18 per GB, in China $15 per GB, in Spain it is $ 7.5 per GB, in South Africa %6 per GB and in India currently it is $3.5 per GB. But Reliance Jio is now providing a GB data for even less than a Dollar. Friends who have not get the Jio sim till now we will recommend go to buy Jiofi Dongle. It is Just Rs.2000/- only.

The Jio company is also partnering with many Indian companies to launch the low cost 4G enabled smartphone starting from just Rs.2999 per piece. This realizes the dream of every Indian even poor to be part of the digital revolution.

Mukesh warns the Rival networks
Mukesh in his address at the Jio launch event also gave a strong statement to the rival networks that they should play fair in the market by providing network connecting points to Jio. These points will help the customers call to all the other network numbers. So he hinted the other networks that they should ensure proper connectivity and reduce the call drops for the Reliance Jio customers.
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